Update uBoot on your Dockstar, GoFlex, or Pogoplug NAS

Disclaimer: Flashing mtd0 carries a risk of breaking your device.

Remove any USB devices and reboot your device. After connecting to it with SSH, run the following commands:

cd /tmp wget http://projects.doozan.com/uboot/install_uboot_mtd0.sh chmod +x install_uboot_mtd0.sh ./install_uboot_mtd0.sh

Changes from the default uBoot

Configuring the uBoot Environment

The new uBoot supports two new command line tools for configuring the environment: fw_printenv and fw_setenv, which work exactly like their internal printenv and setenv commands.

The script will install these utilities in /usr/bin in your Pogoplug environment:

fw_printenv fw_setenv <param> <value>

Compiling uBoot

See my notes on compiling uBoot if you're interesting in building your own uBoot.


If you don't have a serial cable, you can still connect to uBoot using netconsole.


Please visit the forum for additional uBoot information and support.

Old: Install chained uBoot on mtd3

This section is for reference only. You should probably install uBoot to mtd0 as described above, unless you have a good reason not to.

This is the old 'chained' bootloader method. Don't run this if you have already upgraded uBoot on mtd0.

Remove your USB drive, boot into the default Pogoplug environment, and run the following commands:

cd /tmp wget http://projects.doozan.com/uboot/install_uboot_mtd3.sh chmod +x install_uboot_mtd3.sh ./install_uboot_mtd3.sh

You can boot to the Pogoplug environment with the 'run bootcmd_pogo' command in the new uBoot. By default, the new uBoot will attempt to boot from a USB drive and, failing that, it will boot the original Pogoplug installation.

Old: Restore old uBoot on mtd0

This section is for reference only. You should not run this unless you have a very good reason.

If, for some reason, you want to revert back to the original bootloader, you can use the following instructions to restore the original bootloader:

# Restore original uBoot wget http://download.doozan.com/uboot/files/uboot/uboot.mtd0.dockstar.original.kwb flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 4 nandwrite /dev/mtd0 uboot.mtd0.dockstar.original.kwb


-- Jeff