Install Debian on your Dockstar or Pogoplug

This page uses an older installation method to install Debian Lenny. If you would prefer to install a newer version of Debian, please use the new installer.

Find your Pogoplug's IP address and connect via SSH:

username: root password: stxadmin

Partition your flash drive.

fdisk /dev/sda # Configure partion 1 as Linux (I recommend at least 512MB) # Configure partion 2 as Linux Swap (256MB recommended)

Download and run the debian install script:

cd /tmp wget chmod +x ./

The script will take some time to download the debian images and extract them to your flash drive. Once it's finished, you have the option of rebooting into your new debian install.

The default root password in Debian is 'root'. After you've logged in, I'd recommend changing the root password and configuring /etc/apt/sources.list to point to something near you.

passwd vi /etc/apt/sources.list


For any questions and discussion of Debian on the Dockstar, please visit the forum.


-- Jeff