Petergunn's Dockstar Stuff

(mostly USB display related)


USB Picframe as a USB display for LCD4Linux or st2205term
st2205term - a curses capable root terminal (like Slugterm) for your hacked Picframe or Displaylink terminal
USB Displaylink monitors/adapters such as Doublesight Ds-90U
USB Audio adapter & alsa softvol configuration + streamripper proxy for internet radio
Targus ACP50US Universal dock + video (USB2VGA) + ethernet + audio + 4x port hub
Setting up Dockstar as Samba file server
Setting up Dockstar as OpenVPN endpoint
Running Asterisk 1.8 on Dockstar to get free incoming and outgoing Google Voice calls on your SIP phone or ATA Adapter

Setup scripts for after base Debian install:

Disclaimer: No warranty + these scripts may trash your system + only use on a fresh install + use at your own risk - sets apt repos to fastest mirror, installs lots of packages and sets up basic samba config - installs Gorgone's updated kernel - enables vim syntax highlighting, incremental search, remembers file edit positions, parenthesis matching - installs zd1211 firmware and sets up basic wireless wlan0 config for zydas based 802.11g wifi adapter - configures dockstar as OpenVPN endpoint (check settings in script + can take 10mins to generate keys)

Contact: Peter Gunn (email st2205term at wingovers dot com)